The CAAM Training Program is open to licensed Canadian Physicians, regardless of their specialty, who are members of CAAM and interested in expanding their knowledge in aesthetic medicine. The program comprises of six academic modules: 

               #1 Facial Anatomy and Neuromodulators for the Upper Face
               #2 Anesthesia of the Face and Dermal Fillers
               #3 Light Based Therapy in Aesthetic Medicine
               #4 Skin Considerations in Aesthetic Medicine
               #5 Non-Invasive Body Contouring Therapy
               #6 Microdermabrasion, Cosmeceuticals, and Chemical Peel


Six Online Academic Modules
Fee of $1,000.00 includes:

Hands-on Training
Fee of $5,000.00 includes:

-Unlimited access to all of the educational modules provided on the CAAM website in Members Area.

-Membership must be active and in good standing to receive unlimited access.

-Write the *Online Examination for all modules.
(the exams are currently being updated and will be available soon).

-*Online examination is Open Book and must receive 85% to pass for each module. 
PLEASE NOTE:  Written online examinations will take place 6 months after purchase of online modules.

*Required to re-write the online examination every 5 years at a minimal fee of $250.00.   



Hands-on training for: 

Module #1: Facial Anatomy and Neuromodulators  for the Upper Face

Module #2: Anesthesia of the Face and Dermal Fillers

-No more than 3-6 participants at each training course.

Each Module is a one day course: 0900-1700.
-Lunch and syllabus will be provided.
-Certificate of Attendance upon completion of hands-on training course
and physician has demonstrated to the trainer their understanding and knowledge of the course.

-Recommended to review the material for
Module #1 and #2 on the CAAM website in Members Area.

*Hands-on training is not a mandatory prerequisite for physicians 
presently except for in Québec. 

If desired, hands-on modules may be purchased individually
for $2,500.00 each.


Physicians residing in Québec interested in Aesthetic Medicine hands-on training, please contact the Collège des médecins du Québec for more information.

Please contact the CAAM office to register:
Telephone: (604) 239-CAAM (2226)

We ask that you do not complete the online registration for the training program in your Members Area as we are updating the website.