Dear Colleagues, 

It is indeed an honour for me to assume the role of President of CAAM, not only to lead and direct the board, but more importantly, to represent each and every one of our members in our common goal to further the exciting area of Aesthetic Medicine in Canada. The excitement was tangible at our recent Annual Conference, with the highest attendance to date. Great feedback about the content and format of the conference has been received to date.

I am pleased to report that thanks to the hard work of my predecessors, CAAM is stronger than ever, with the highest membership count to date and growing support of industry partners. Our member benefits have grown into a robust and attractive list, for existing as well as for new members. There truly has never been a better time to be a member of CAAM. Our newest benefit, the CAAM Mentor program, promises to expand the scope of educational opportunities available in a very practical and unique way. Stay tuned, as there are even more benefits on the way!

Our website will continue to evolve and be updated as we move forward and I would like to encourage members to make a point of browsing through all the different sections within and outside of the member’s only area. Feedback is always welcome and appreciated. In the new year, a new initiative will be launched for the advantage of updating our members on all things Aesthetic Medicine in the way of informative newsletter style emails. In combination with the Journal of Cosmetic Dermatology and The Chronicle of Cosmetic Medicine and Surgery that are provided to our members, it will serve to keep us all up to date in an area of Medicine that is ever evolving at a very brisk pace.

A new addition to this year’s Annual Conference was a concurrent Fundamentals of Aesthetic Laser Therapy course, prepared and provided under the very capable guidance of Dr Jaggi Rao. With 23 participants, it got off to a great start and the board is exploring the potential of hosting a second course in the Spring of 2016 and then at regular intervals thereafter. The course will be constantly updated and refined for the benefit of Physicians and their staff. It adds another important facet to the Physician Certification Program already in place.

Of course, CAAM exists because of the loyal support and participation of each and every member. Thank you for being a part of this great Association and for any endorsement that you may provide about CAAM to other colleagues. Also, I would like to recognize and applaud the hard work of our administration staff and all the board members who tirelessly devote their valuable time, know-how and energy to the Association. It stands as a testament to the passion and devotion for Aesthetic Medicine that is prevalent amongst all of us in this exciting field of practice.

As my tenure as President begins, I have my vision fixed on not only increasing the national recognition of CAAM and strengthening our common voice, but also expanding interest of our Annual Conference amongst peers internationally. CAAM will continue to grow, offer great education, benefits, networking opportunities as well as a few pleasant surprises to our members along the way.

Yours sincerely,

Renier van Aardt MB, ChB, CCFP
President of Canadian Association of Aesthetic Medicine